Canadian Gambling Laws

To ensure that you are gambling lawfully at a Canadian online casino, it is crucial to be aware of your country’s gambling regulations in advance if you live in Canada and want to start placing bets online. For you to learn everything you need to know about the gambling regulations in Canada, we have compiled this article from our guide. So that you don’t miss anything, grab a notebook and a pencil.

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Gambling Is Popular in Canada

Poker is without a doubt the most played gambling game in Canada. In fact, poker is incredibly popular on both sides of the Atlantic, and both traditional and online casinos are packed with players. Canadians also enjoy playing shuffleboard, blackjack, and craps. Horse racing and sports betting are also very popular in Canada. What about the legislation, though? Do you have a legal right to wager and gamble online?

Province Legislation

Since 1970, each Canadian province has been permitted to regulate its gambling laws however it sees fit—almost independently! As a result, whether in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, or Saskatchewan, the majority of Canadian provinces now provide a substantial number of on-premise casinos on their respective borders. In addition, horse betting has been legal in Canada since 1910, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

In Brief

Although playing online gambling is not prohibited in Canada, offering it is! This entails that gamblers can engage in online poker or blackjack games, make bets with internet bookmakers, or play games at virtual casinos. Although it is true that Canadian law forbids the creation of websites devoted to the practice of gambling, a player who chooses to play at an online casino or place a wager with an online bookmaker is not breaking Canadian law.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation have been selling online lottery tickets on their websites for a while now, despite the fact that it is illegal to run an internet gambling operation in Canada. Similar to Woodbine Racetrack, which also enables online horse racing wagering. But there’s more! It is true that the Canadian-based company Cryptologic, one of the biggest providers of online gambling software globally, was founded there.


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Is it legal to play online casinos in Canada?

First of all, the casino must have a license. This license must be available on the casino website. It all depends on the province in which you reside.

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What are the best online casinos in Canada?

The best online casinos of the moment are:

  • Best bonuses: Royal Vegas
  • Best games: Spin Casino
  • Best payout rates: Jackpot City
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How do I withdraw my winnings at a legal casino?

The payment solutions offered by casinos are varied: Visa or Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, etc.

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Can I choose a currency other than the Canadian Dollar?

With most casinos, you can choose the currency you wish to use when you create your account.

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Who governs the gambling market in Canada?

Each province in Canada is governed by a commission. The gambling license in Quebec is issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

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How do I gamble responsibly?

To play responsibly, here are some tips:

  • Set limits for yourself: time spent, money spent
  • Respect your limits: it is sometimes difficult to stop once you have started gambling…
  • Ask for help: associations specializing in addiction are there for you.