The key elements in taking care of teen mental health are to work towards building close and genuinely supportive relationships, to promote mental wellness, and to get help early should problems arise.

Download this free guide for parents and caregivers to learn more about teen mental health.


View videos of experts, parents, caregivers and teens to get tips and insights around talking about mental illness and suicide.

MYTH:  Talking about suicide may give them the idea

Find out why it is important to talk about suicide and mental health. Get some tips on how to support teens and have an effective conversation.

MYTH:  Most deaths by suicide occur with little or no warning

Learn about the warning signs shown by a teen who may be facing mental health issues and having suicidal thoughts. Get tips and resources on accessing and providing help and support.

Myth:  My youth doesn’t want to talk to me about suicide or mental health

Better understand why a teen might be hesitant to talk about suicide or mental health. Find out why reaching out is important and get tips on getting the conversation started.


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